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Who is KALDAZ?

Kaldaz was recently created with a focus on distributing innovative and energy saving products. In an ever changing industry with technology rapidly advancing every year we all must evolve with this change.

Energy companies are constantly raising utility rates, with more rises forecast in the near future. With the demanding 24/7/365 nature of refrigeration running costs within the food industry, being conscious of how you invest in your refrigeration equipment is more critical than ever.

Kaldaz focuses on specific heat exchange products that are at the cutting edge of latest design and manufacturing techniques. Its unique relationship with Eden products allows Kaldaz to be one step above it competitors in quality, price and lead times.

Who is EDEN?

Founded in 1953 in Singapore by Mr. Loh Ee Ming, Far East Refrigeration (FER) has grown from humble beginnings to be a major refrigeration manufacturer in the Asia Pacific region. With the aquisition of Mr. Allan Ward (pictured right), Divisional Head-Refrigeration Group of F. Muller Australia in 2001, FER embarked on a rejuvenation of their existing Fascold range of evaporators. Over the past 10 years, constant refinement of the FER heat transfer range using the latest equipment and technology has given birth to the EDEN brand, with the latest Generation 4 smart coil design ensuring that the EDEN range of heat exchangers are leading the industry in efficiency, good looks, reliability and value. Using only the best in high quality materials and established brand name components like EBM and Ziehl-Abegg, EDEN products are manufactured in state of the art ISO 9001 accredited facilities located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Shanghai, China. Now with Mr. Steven Loh at the helm of the family company, the FER Group has just recently been floated on the Singapore stock exchange as a public company and has been enthusiastically received by investors.

Award Winning Energy Efficiency

Because of their unique fin geometry and smart coil design Eden heat exchangers use less fan power and with physically smaller coils less heater energy is required for defrosting. This results in 30% or more savings in running costs compared to traditional coil designs, less impact on the environment, more competitive pricing for the contractor in the marketplace and more money left in the customers pocket.

Eden won the most innovative & energy efficient product award at the HVACR Expo in Hangzhou China in Nov, 2010. This was against several very well known world class heat exchanger competitors.

Trusted By Major Global Companies

Eden equipment is trusted by respected major international retail customers world wide like Walmart, Carrefour, Tesco, 7 Eleven, Pizza Hut, KFC and many others.